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1865 Funeral Letter

 Dear Mother and Father of Private Herman Hammond,

 I'm sorry to not be able to say this to you in person but recently, your son has been fighting for a wonderful cause. He was one of our bravest men in the battlefield, always there to help those in need. Even though he was the youngest in our regiment he was always prepared even on our breaks. Just yesterday he was shot in the chest. Private Hansen tried to get him to a medic before it was too late. Unfortunately, he was already in the heavens by the time the nurses reached him. Hammond was someone who held this group together and fought for this country that's now falling apart. Since he has been held so dear to all of our hearts my regiment and I have decided to hold a funeral in honor of him and the many casualties of war. He said he missed your Lincoln Cake you used to make, Mary. He loved Havana and Tessa with his whole heart and never once stopped thinking about him. In fact, his last words as Private Hansen said was, "Protect my family with the love I could never give them these past four years." So here's this letter explaining the death of your son, our soldier, the Unions casualty. May all our hearts mourn the loss of someone so courageous, Private Herman Hammond. With this letter i have attached one of Hammond's, unfinished works and i hope you take what he has to say to your heart.

Robert Norton 

I wrote the above letter from the regiment leader because it is about who Hammond was and why we are holding a funeral.  Our regiment held a funeral for Hammond and also all the other casualties in the war because most people didn't. We want to mourn those that have lost there lives even if the whole North and South doesn't.

Last Part of Letter Written by Herman Hammond, 

Dear Ma, Pa, Havana, Tessa,

i luv you all so much. these past four years have kept my runnin for my life, tacklin my greatest fears, and respectin those who fight for our country. the war seems to be almost over and im so happy to be comin on home to see all of yall. i cant wait. see ya soon and bring me some of that good ole lincoln cake when i return. 

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By: Kinsey Jacobs
The fall of vicksburg

Thursday, April 26, 2018

1864 Blog - Journal Entry

Nov. 29, 1864

The reports of General Sherman marching across Georgia with his troops is horibal. His acts ar affekting inocent peepol enstead of enemy soldiers. even thoh he is one of ma generals, i du not saport his actions. when i heer theese raports, all i think of is ma lovly family bak home at Illinois. i woud hate fore ma family, hoo have done nothin wrong in this war, to be killd or stole from just beecuase they liv there in tha north. i am very glad i am knot a part of Shermans rampage. there is no way i culd bring maself to steal or burnn random houses. the actions of Sherman's soldiers shoud not be alowed in this war. the civilians should be kept out of the war.

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                           My Movie poster of the battle of getty'sburg!!!!